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Mental and Physical Activity are Both Important

It’s important to continue with personal development even in the senior years. Many people take up new hobbies in later years, when they have additional time after their families have left home or they have retired from paid employment. These hobbies and activities can range from keeping goldfish or a tropical aquarium to climbing Mount Everest, from writing postcards to taking up a whole new course of study. Life fitness does not only apply to the body, it applies to the mind and emotions also. It’s important to keep both the mind AND the body active, as research shows that this gives you the best opportunity for living a healthy life for as long as possible, with fewer problems, either physical or mental.

If you want a tough challenge (or maybe it’s not so tough for some), you could try taking a degree, a master’s or even a doctoral degree at University. If you don’t have any exam qualifications at all, then you will need to start with the normal school leaving examinations for your area of the world, or find a qualification that’s aimed at adults and that will give you the first step in getting a higher qualification. If you want to see what it’s like to work towards a doctoral degree, then check out this hub:

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July 12, 2012

Rini @ 7:39 pm #

It depends on the pocily of the apartment community. In many senior apartments, the second tenant can be under age 55 or 58 and would have to be on the lease, but in some of those HUD subsidized buildings a disabled person under 62 or a paid caregiver can live in the apartment with a senior. Also if a senior is married to a younger person they can both reside in the senior apartment.

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